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Can Masturbation Increase Life Expectancy?

Editorial Team
Hold up, the secret to a longer life is…masturbating? In this article, we explore the truth in this statement, bust masturbation myths, and dive into all the different benefits of solo sex including better sex, improved emotional health, and physical health benefits such as reduced risk of prostate cancer and boosted immunity.

Ashwagandha 101: What Is Ashwagandha & Where to Buy Ashwagandha in Singapore?

Editorial Team
In this article, we will be explaining what ashwagandha is, why it's been touted as "Indian ginseng" and its prevalence in ancient medicine dating back to AD 6000, the general health benefits of ashwagandha and how taking ashwagandha can help guys in both the gym and the bedroom.

Ashwagandha Dosage: How Much Ashwagandha Should I Take Daily?

Editorial Team
In this article, we will be explaining what ashwagandha is, the various health benefits linked to ashwagandha and how much ashwagandha you would need to take daily in order to reap those benefits.

Sex Toys For Men Guide: Benefits, Facts vs Fiction and Where To Get Male Sex Toys In Singapore

Editorial Team
In this article, we will be explaining how the use of male sex toys can improve your erectile dysfunction, the different male sex toys available to help you, how to get take care of them, the myths and facts surrounding sex toys and where to get sex toys for men in Singapore.

Is Porn Bad?: How Pornography Can Affect Mental Health And Relationships

Editorial Team
Whether you’re planning to watch porn for the first time or are already a regular viewer of porn, you’ve likely heard that pornography can be detrimental to both your mental health and relationship. In this article, we’ll be explaining pornography’s impact on mental health, its role in relationships, as well as what you can do if you find that porn is negatively affecting you.

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