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Healthy, handsome men take care of themselves and it’s our job to make that easy and affordable. We offer access to a range of treatments and provide advice, consultation and MOH-approved products all in one seamless online experience. Long queues at the clinic and awkward encounters with the receptionist? Now a thing of the past.

meet noah and zoey
Launched in 2020
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Launched in 2021
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our story
humble beginnings
meet noah & zoey

Our brands provide accessible, affordable healthcare to all who need it. For men, there’s Noah — the men’s digital clinic that offers remote diagnosis and treatment across varying areas of care. And then there’s Zoey — the end-to-end platform that supports women’s sexual wellness and fertility journeys through thoughtfully curated products and services.

founding & origin

Men’s and women’s health conditions are prevalent, intimate matters that affect all of us at some point in our lives. Yet, they are often stigmatized and under-discussed simply because of their intimate nature. So we thought it was about time someone did something to break down these stigmas and that’s how Noah & Zoey were founded! We’re transforming the way we approach health and wellness to provide accessible, affordable, and high-quality treatments that can be accessed from the comforts of home.

growth and expansion

We are recognized as a leading digital healthcare brand in Asia with a rapidly expanding presence that has now extended to Hong Kong and most recently, Japan!

our patient
quick & easy
Select a condition you need treatment for.
Assessment & Diagnosis
Tell us about yourself via a 3-minute online questionnaire. Then, have a chat with a doctor at a time of your convenience to complete your evaluation.
Prescription & Delivery
Get your prescribed meds delivered to you within 4 hours, in a discreet package.
Have further questions about your treatment? Reach out to our care team any time.
We create proprietary products and exclusive partnerships with established brands that complement the conditions we treat, so you get the best care possible.
Eu Yan Sang
KSM-66® Ashwagandha
advisory board
The team of healthcare professionals who are experts in the field of men's health.
Dr Peter Lim
Advisor, Founding President, Society for Men's Health Singapore
Dr Kevin Chua
Clinical Lead at Noah, Advisor, Founding President, Society for Men's Health Singapore
executive team
The brains behind Noah & Zoey, meet the individuals who are passionate and grounded in the fundamentals of healthcare, consumer and technology.
Sean Low
CEO, Founder
Tuan Pham
Head of Engineering
Yi Jun Yeow
Head of Brand
Chow Song Chee
Head of People & Culture
Ezra Shuek
Head of MX
Alex Chen
Head of Growth