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Trouble shedding kilos? A weight loss treatment that works with your biology, not against it, to unlock your willpower.
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Suppresses appetite to help you lose 5 - 8% of your body weight
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Board approved medication that works by regulating your food intake by stimulating the release of chemical messengers in the brain to induce feeling of fullness.
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Appetite Suppressant
  • Reduces feelings of hunger
  • Lose 5-8% of body weight over 3 months
  • Most effective with diet and lifestyle adjustments recommended by your doctor
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Designed by Singaporean doctors and nutritionists for long-term results.
reduces calorie intake
Helps you lower your calorie intake to achieve a deficit for weight loss
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Safely lowers your 'set point', which is the weight
slows stomach emptying
Slow the rate at which the stomach empties, helping you feel fuller for longer
suppresses appetite
Targets the reward centre of the brain, which controls hunger signals between meals.

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Doctor Consultation
Appetite Suppressant
Follow-up Consultation
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Dr Kevin Chua
Clinical Lead At Noah (Singapore)
What are the benefits of losing weight?

There are many health benefits to losing weight. Apart from reducing your risk of getting arthritis and type 2 diabetes, losing weight can also lower your blood pressure, making it less likely for you to get heart attacks and strokes. It can lower unhealthy cholesterol levels, reduce insulin resistance, and even help you get better sleep! Better body image resulting from weight loss can also improve your mood, mental health, and sexual wellness.

ANSWERED BY DR KEVIN CHUA, Clinical Lead at Noah (Singapore)

Do appetite suppressants work?

Yes! Appetite suppressants have been proven to help people lose at least 5% of their body weight over the course of a year. Of course, you’ll see even better results when you couple this with diet and lifestyle adjustments which your doctor can recommend too!

ANSWERED BY DR KEVIN CHUA, Clinical Lead at Noah (Singapore)

What are some side effects of weight loss treatment?

All medication has potential side effects, however you may or may not experience them. The common side effects of the appetite suppressant we carry include dizziness, insomnia and nausea. However, these are generally mild and the long-term benefits of weight loss are likely to outweigh these side effects. If you experience symptoms of a drug allergy, which can include swollen face, breathing difficulties or hives, seek immediate medical attention. Always consult a doctor before taking medication for weight loss. Consult your doctor if you experience side effects that do not go away or persistently bother you.

ANSWERED BY DR KEVIN CHUA, Clinical Lead at Noah (Singapore)

Can a doctor prescribe weight loss treatment remotely?

Yes. Weight loss treatments can be prescribed remotely by a doctor, based on a patient’s medical history and symptoms.

ANSWERED BY DR KEVIN CHUA, Clinical Lead at Noah (Singapore)

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