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Sleep Thins help even the most active of minds fall asleep
Sleep Thins product 5
Calms your mind and body for a healthy sleep cycle
Thins dissolve rapidly for easy absorption
Non-addictive sleep aid with 100% plant-based ingredients
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put the tv off and unwind with some relaxing music

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Melatonin (5mg)

Known as the ‘sleep hormone’, it helps your body prepare for sleep through the night.

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steps to

a better day

Step 1 Lay one strip on your tongue
Step 1
Lay one strip on your tongue.
Sleep Thins product step 2
Step 2
Lay down for a good night’s rest.
Step 3 Wake up feeling refreshed!
Step 3
Wake up feeling refreshed!

Ideally consume one strip 20mins before your intended bedtime.

Sleep Thins 1 tin
1 Tin
30 thins, 30 nights of sleep
Sleep Thins 2 tins
2 Tins
60 thins, 60 nights of sleep
Sleep Thins 3 tins
3 Tins
90 thins, 90 nights of sleep
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what keeps

you up

at night?

Thoughts racing through your mind
Holiday repercussions: jetlag
Cats yowling
Broken sleep
Late night football matches
Gaming with mates
Kids who refuse
to sleep
Fear of being late
Just plain old insomnia
Crazy work schedule

what keeps

you asleep

through the night?


say their ability to sleep well has been affected by the pandemic.


Prevalence of poor sleep quality


Reported themselves as short sleepers.






Do I need a prescription for Sleep Thins?
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You don’t need a prescription for Sleep Thins, as our ingredients are natural, plant-based sleep aids, and do not contain any antihistamines. We recommend pregnant or lactating women to consult with a doctor before consuming Sleep Thins or any other dietary supplement or vitamins. 

Are there any side effects?
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There have been no reported side effects for Sleep Thins. However, if you experience daytime drowsiness or any other side effects, stop use immediately and consult a doctor.

How fast will Sleep Thins put me to sleep?
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You should take one Sleep Thins strip at least 20 minutes before your intended bed time.

Can I take Sleep Thins every night?
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Sleep Thins is a drug-free product and is non-habit forming. It can be taken as needed or on occasion to help you have a better, uninterrupted night’s sleep. If you are experiencing long-term sleep difficulties, do consult a healthcare professional for a diagnosis.

Do I need to drink water together with my Sleep Thins?
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Not at all. Water is to wash down pills and syrups, with Sleep Thins, simply lay it on your tongue and let it dissolve within seconds.

If I have problems swallowing pills, how will Sleep Thins help?
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Most pills are tough pills to swallow, which is why we created Sleep Thins, an oral dissolving strip that is aimed to make the process as comfortable as possible.

How does an oral dissolving strip work?
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Just place it on your tongue and allow it to dissolve. Oral dissolving strips are fast-acting and more easily absorbed into the body as compared to pills and gummies.

What’s the difference between an oral dissolving strip and a gummy?
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Equally as tasty, a gummy usually only has 3% active ingredients and 97% fillers ,while an oral dissolving strip is estimated to contain 97% active ingredients instead.

Can I take more than the recommended amount?
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Each Sleep Thins is designed to help you get 7 - 9 hours of rest at night, depending on your individual circadian rhythm. Do not exceed the labeled dosage, and use only as directed.

Is Sleep Thins vegetarian?
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All the ingredients used in Sleep Thins is plant-based, making it safe for vegetarians to consume.


Wow that was one deep sleep. I didn't change positions at all for 7 hrs straight lol. Woke up really refreshed too!

— yj

I tried Sleep Thins as I was feeling a little jet lagged after my flight to London. And it really knocked me out. Best part? It tastes good too. 

— yang


— e

As someone who often stays awake contemplating my tomorrow, I was skeptical about Sleep Thins. Tried it without any expectations, and can I just say, that was about the best sleep I’ve had in all 35 years of my life. Honest.

— jj
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