About Us
As patients ourselves, we experienced first-hand how awkward and stressful – and not to mention expensive – a doctor’s visit for highly sensitive conditions can be.

So we did what we knew best. We pulled together a bunch of talented individuals, brought in doctors with decades of experience in their relevant fields, and we started Noah.
Our mission

Increase Accessibility

We want every man in Singapore to have access to quality healthcare at affordable rates.

Discreet Everything

We know how important your privacy is, and that’s why we’ve designed our entire company around it, from login all the way to billing and delivery.

Fast & Convenient

We believe waiting is wasting time, so our service allows you to see a doctor from the comfort of home and have your meds delivered to your door.

In The News

"This Singapore startup aims to reduce stigma around men’s health with telemedicine."
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The Podcast

Join them as they cover unexplored ordinary topics from bedroom intimacy, relationship issues, sexual dysfunction and more.

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