Sex Toys For Men Guide: Benefits, Facts vs Fiction and Where To Get Male Sex Toys In Singapore

In this article, we will be explaining how the use of male sex toys can improve your erectile dysfunction, the different male sex toys available to help you, how to get take care of them, the myths and facts surrounding sex toys and where to get sex toys for men in Singapore.

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction? 

First let's explain how an erection works. 

The penis has two chambers that are made of spongy muscle tissues. When you are sexually aroused, your brain sends a signal that elicits a hormonal response.This allows the arteries to fully open. 

When your arteries are fully open, blood flows so quickly that it does not have enough time to exit through your veins. The blood is then trapped in those two chambers in your penis, causing your penis to become firm and voila! An erection is formed!

Erectile dysfunction, often known as ED or impotence, is a common sexual condition that affects your ability to either get or maintain an erection long enough for sex. 

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by either physical or psychological causes. In most cases, erectile dysfunction is often a mix of both physical and psychological causes. 

Physical causes of ED can often include health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, while psychological causes of ED can include conditions like anxiety, stress, depression or just feeling too nervous to perform. 

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How Male Sex Toys Can Help Improve Your ED

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves could be the sex toy to help you out in the bedroom. Available in various sizes and shapes, penis sleeves are a hollow, penis-shaped sex toy worn over the penis during sex. The idea behind penis sleeve is that they are more firm and girthy when entered into the vagina or anus, allowing you both to feel pleasure during penetrative sex (even with a not-quite hard penis). As penis sleeves come in so many varieties, you can get a penis sleeve that adds texture or even comes with a vibration function to enhance both of your experiences during sex.

Cock Rings 

Cock rings are a ring-shaped device that is worn around the base of the penis. Available in various sizes, they can help with ED by applying pressure to the area surrounding the base of the penis. This slows the blood flow from the penis, which could help you to keep an erection and stay hard for sex. 

Male Vibrators

As the name implies, male vibrators are vibrating sex toys designed for male pleasure. 

There is some evidence that vibrators can help with erectile dysfunction, with reports of men who have spinal cord injuries being able to ejaculate with the help of vibrators.

When used with a penis sleeve, male vibrators can help provide additional stimulation for both parties.

How To Use And Take Care Your Sex Toys


Making sure everything is lubed up is key when using sex toys to make it more pleasurable and to eliminate uncomfortable rubbing, chafing or pain. But it is even more important to know which kind of lube to use depending on the material of your sex toy.  

Silicone lube is a great option as it is long-lasting, slippery and meant for longer sessions. However, silicone lube can also interact with silicone sex toys and melt them! To prevent this, you should only use water-based lubricant when using silicone sex toys. 

You should also avoid getting or using lube that contains parabens and glycerin as it is possible that they can affect your hormonal levels. 


You should always aim to be as hygienic as possible when it comes to using and cleaning your sex toys. If not properly cleaned and dried, sex toys run the risk of being a petri dish for bacteria. 

Before and after using it, clean your sex toy with a gentle antibacterial soap, making sure to water it thoroughly to ensure all soap is removed. You should let your sex toy air dry to avoid a build up of residue and lint. 

While most sex toys can be cleaned in this fashion, you should always consult the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning. Take special note of your product's specification. Sex toys that are not waterproof cannot be submerged in water and require you to take out the batteries first before cleaning. 

If you're looking for something easy to clean and maintain, avoid buying porous sex toys as their sponge-like texture makes them one of the harder toys to clean. Non-porous sex toys made out of stainless steel, silicon or borosilicate glass are reccomened for their easy maintenance. 

Sometimes Sharing Isn't Caring

While the sharing of sex toys isn't necessarily encouraged, there might be instances where you're using it with a partner. This makes thorough cleaning before and after even more important. 

If your sex toys is improperly cleaned or stored, it is possible that the transmission of various STDs could occur. To be safe, you should always sterlize your sex toy before using and sharing it with someone else. 

Follow your manufacturer's instructions on the sterilization process, as the material of each sex toy is different and requires different care. 

When sharing a sex toy with a partner, it always recommended that you use a condom on the toy to prevent the spread of STDs. You should replace the condom with a new one before swapping. 

Where To Get Sex Toys For Men In Singapore?

Physical Sex Stores

Dark hallways and neon lighting. That might be the imagery that comes to mind when thinking about sex shops. It's an especially intimidating sight if you're in the market for your very first male sex toy. 

Brightly lit and spacious sex shops like Cherry Affairs makes the experience of browsing through sex toys much more relaxed experience and akin to perusing through a boutique store, rather than the seedy imaginations mentioned earlier. 

If you're the type that prefers to head down to a storefront to check out the goods and have a shop assistant help you find the perfect sex toy, this is a great option. Just to be sure to make an appointment beforehand. 


A little shy about heading out to the store and prefer to keep the shopping online? 

Don't worry, we've got you covered at Noah! 

Noah is a zero-judgement digital health clinic which provides men in Singapore the sexual healthcare and sex toys they need from the comfort and privacy of home. Your secret is safe with us as we make sure that both your package and credit card billing is made discreet. You'll also be able to get your sex toy delivered right to your door within 4 hours of purchasing it, free of charge!

To find out more about the sex toys Noah has to offer, click here!

Fact or Fiction: Sex Toys Edition

Getting Into Sex Toys Means Your Sex Life Is Dead


This assumption seems contradictory, as sex toys do not detract from sex. In fact, they enhance the overall sexual experience (both soloed and partnered). A far cry from the dead on arrival status. 

It's been reported that couples who are open to experimenting with sex toys are more likely to have more satisfactory sex experiences than couples who don't. Single women who use sex toys are more likely to be fufilled in their solo sessions than single women.

"Once I Use A Sex Toy, I'll Be Addicted To It"


There is a misconception that once you use a sex toy, you'll get hooked on it and that it becomes a crutch where the "real thing" isn't able to compare to. 

At the end of the day, a sex toy is simply a tool to help you get the pleasure you desire. By acknowledging that you have the power to decide how to use and how often to use it, you'll be able to see this as a way to be more sexually fulfilled rather than a crutch. 

While you can't be addicted to sex toys in the strictest sense, it is possible that you can become dependent on the stimulation to get you off. It is important that you don't stick to one form of stimulation and that you mix it up a bit either in your solo sessions or with your partner. 

You Can Damage Your Genitals By Using Sex Toys


There is a misconception that sex toys and vibrators can desensitize you to the "real deal". However, there is no evidence that this is true. While you can get used to the pleasurable sensations given by a vibrator, there won't be a point where you've hit a limit on your sensitivity

And there certainly is not evidence that vibrators are killing your nerve endings as well. 

Noah is a zero-judgement digital health clinic which provides men in Singapore the sexual healthcare and sex toys they need from the comfort and privacy of home. Your secret is safe with us as we make sure that both your package and credit card billing is made discreet. You'll also be able to get your sex toy delivered right to your door within 4 hours of purchasing it, free of charge!

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September 13, 2021

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