How Sex Toys Can Help Improve Erectile Dysfunction

In this article, we'll be explaining what is erectile dysfunction and why it happens, how the use of male sex toys can potentially help to improve your erectile dysfunction, and which sex toys you can consider.

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How Sex Toys Can Improve Erectile Dysfunction

What Is Erectile Dysfunction? 

First let's explain how an erection works. 

The penis has two chambers that are made of spongy muscle tissues. When you are sexually aroused, your brain sends a signal that elicits a hormonal response.This allows the arteries to fully open. 

When your arteries are fully open, blood flows so quickly that it does not have enough time to exit through your veins. The blood is then trapped in those two chambers in your penis, causing your penis to become firm and voila! An erection is formed!

Erectile dysfunction, often known as ED or impotence, is a common sexual condition that affects your ability to either get or maintain an erection long enough for sex. 

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by either physical or psychological causes. In most cases, erectile dysfunction is often a mix of both physical and psychological causes. 

Physical causes of ED can often include health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol or high blood pressure, while psychological causes of ED can include conditions like anxiety, stress, depression or just feeling too nervous to perform. 

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Male Sex Toys Can Help Improve Your ED

Penis Sleeves

Penis sleeves could be the sex toy to help you out in the bedroom. Available in various sizes and shapes, penis sleeves are a hollow, penis-shaped sex toy worn over the penis during sex. 

The idea behind penis sleeve is that they are more firm and girthy when entered into the vagina or anus, allowing you both to feel pleasure during penetrative sex (even with a not-quite hard penis). As penis sleeves come in so many varieties, you can get a penis sleeve that adds texture or even comes with a vibration function to enhance both of your experiences during sex.

Cock Rings 

Cock rings are a ring-shaped device that is worn around the base of the penis. Available in various sizes, they can help with ED by applying pressure to the area surrounding the base of the penis. This slows the blood flow from the penis, which could help you to keep an erection and stay hard for sex. 

Male Vibrators

As the name implies, male vibrators are vibrating sex toys designed for male pleasure. 

There is some evidence that vibrators can help with erectile dysfunction, with reports of men who have spinal cord injuries being able to ejaculate with the help of vibrators.

When used with a penis sleeve, male vibrators can help provide additional stimulation for both parties.

Where To Get Sex Toys For Men In Singapore

Physical Sex Stores

Dark hallways and neon lighting. That might be the imagery that comes to mind when thinking about sex shops. It's an especially intimidating sight if you're in the market for your very first male sex toy. 

Brightly lit and spacious sex shops like Cherry Affairs makes the experience of browsing through sex toys much more relaxed experience and akin to perusing through a boutique store, rather than the seedy imaginations mentioned earlier. 

If you're the type that prefers to head down to a storefront to check out the goods and have a shop assistant help you find the perfect sex toy, this is a great option. Just to be sure to make an appointment beforehand.

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October 11, 2021

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