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December 9, 2023
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Fact Or Fiction: Can Taking The Right Dosage Of Tadalafil Help With Bodybuilding?

You’ve probably heard of taking Tadalafil for erectile dysfunction, but what about for bodybuilding? In this article, we’ll be explaining what Tadalafil is and discuss its potential benefits for bodybuilding.

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Erectile Dysfunction
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What Is Tadalafil, And How Does It Work?

To begin with, let’s take a look at what Tadalafil is, and how it works.

Tadalafil (the active ingredient in the brand-name drug Cialis) is one of the most commonly prescribed oral medications for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction in which one is unable to achieve or maintain an erection long or firm enough for sexual intercourse.

Like many other erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra, Levitra and Stendra, Tadalafil treats erectile dysfunction by inhibiting Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5). PDE5 is a protein that exists in the walls of blood vessels, and it affects the flow of blood.

By preventing PDE5 from working, Tadalafil allows blood vessels to dilate. This enables more blood to flow to the penis, helping one achieve and maintain an erection.

How Can Tadalafil Help With Bodybuilding?

While Tadalafil is typically used to treat erectile dysfunction, an emerging body of research has suggested that it may also enhance sports performance through its effects on the body.

Tadalafil Reduces Inflammation

Firstly, Tadalafil can help reduce inflammation after exercise. During your workouts, you’re lifting heavy weights on a regular basis, and this mechanical stress results in muscle cell damage.

While this allows your body to rebuild your muscle fibres to be stronger and larger, the inflammatory response that follows the muscle damage can lead to intense muscle soreness. Tadalafil can help alleviate this pain by lowering levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, in turn reducing inflammation.

Tadalafil Increases Blood Flow To Muscles

Furthermore, Tadalafil doesn’t only promote vasodilation and better blood circulation in the penile region, but also throughout the entire body. This increases blood flow to your muscles, allowing toxins to be removed more quickly while simultaneously delivering oxygen and nutrients to your muscle cells. According to a study published in 2008, these effects of Tadalafil can lead to improved muscle force.

Tadalafil Increases Your Testosterone Levels

Tadalafil can also increase your levels of testosterone, one of the key hormones affecting muscle gain in bodybuilding. According to research, testosterone aids in bodybuilding by increasing muscle protein formation, thus building muscle mass.

According to a pilot study published in 2006, long-term administration of Tadalafil was found to produce a sustained increase in test subjects’ testosterone:estradiol ratio. A more recent study published in 2017 also demonstrated that taking 5mg of Tadalafil daily over a period of 3 months resulted in significantly higher levels of testosterone in test subjects.

Thus, Tadalafil can help with bodybuilding through increasing your testosterone levels. This is especially useful for men above the age of 40, as testosterone levels have been shown to decline gradually with age.

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Tadalafil Improves Lean Body Mass

Tadalafil can also help you improve your lean body mass, which is the weight of your body excluding body fat. In a study published in 2017, it was found that taking 5mg of Tadalafil daily over a period of two months resulted in a smaller waist circumference and improved lean body mass overall. Thus, Tadalafil can help with bodybuilding by helping you shed excess fat while maintaining your body mass.

Tadalafil Improves Muscle Function

Finally, Tadalafil can enhance muscle function by increasing the rate of lipid metabolism and the efficiency of protein synthesis. According to a 2016 study, it was found that Tadalafil can therefore improve muscle function in individuals with muscular dystrophy.

How Do I Take Tadalafil?

Like many other medications, Tadalafil is not going to achieve full effectiveness if taken the wrong way.

Tadalafil can work for as long as 36 hours after consumption, but typically requires up to 1 hour for it to start taking effect on your body. Therefore, do ensure that you’re taking Tadalafil at least 30 minutes before your workout to give it sufficient time to work.

Do also note that Tadalafil should not be taken with large fatty meals, as this could hinder the absorption of Tadalafil.

Is It Safe To Use Tadalafil For Bodybuilding?

Using Tadalafil for bodybuilding has been found to be generally safe, as long as one does not overdose on Tadalafil. However, it is nonetheless recommended that Tadalafil be used only if prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction.

While the majority of people who take Tadalafil do not experience any side effects whatsoever, some users who take Tadalafil do report minor side effects. Even so, you may rest assured that any side effects experienced tend to be mild and temporary. Common side effects include:

• Stuffy or blocked nose
• Headaches
• Lightheadedness
• Facial flushing

Serious, but relatively uncommon, side effects include chest pain or priapism (a painful erection lasting for over 4 hours). Should you experience such effects, do seek medical attention immediately.

Where Can I Get Tadalafil In Singapore?

In Singapore, Tadalafil is available by prescription only, and it is prescribed only for erectile dysfunction, and not for bodybuilding purposes. However, there are a number of supplements you can obtain legally if you would like to give your bodybuilding efforts a little boost.

An Alternative To Taking Tadalafil For Bodybuilding

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One of its active ingredients, KSM-66® Ashwagandha, has been clinically proven to not only increase your testosterone levels but also build muscle strength, and both these effects can be beneficial to bodybuilding.

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