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Give your body a boost of Vigour

It might be age,  it might be nerves, but flops or tiredness can happen. Increase your sexual performance, strength and stamina the natural way.
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"Removes the hassle and embarrassment of going down and having those awkward conversations in-person."

"To be more in tune with your emotions and take charge of your own mental well-being in a safe, private, and confidential space."

“His tele-consultation with Noah, in comparison, was private and made him feel "respected" as a patient.”

“Eliminating the need for in-person consultation has coaxed many sheepish patients to seek help for 'embarrassing' problems.”

"A dedicated patient concierge team to help users through the process and keep everything discreet."

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We can keep a secret.
From your online evaluation, meds delivery, credit card bill statement, everything is done so discreetly, even your partner wouldn’t know.
Healthcare shouldn’t break the bank.  
As a fully digital health platform, we don’t have high overheads. So we can pass on our cost savings to you, through affordable prescription medication.
Travel time: 0 mins Delivery fee: $0
For a no-fuss ‘visit’ to the doctor from the comfort and privacy of home. Extra convenient since your meds get delivered to you, for free.
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Meet the Medical Experts

Connect to a network of medical leaders with decades of experience across the spectrum of men’s health.
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Dr David Loh
President, Society of Aesthetic Medicine (Singapore)
Dr Peter Lim
Founding President, Society for Men's Health Singapore
Clinical Psychologist
Vithiyah Muthukumar
Member of Singapore Psychological Society (MSPS)
Clinical Psychologist
Chad Yip
Member of Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) & Singapore Psychological Society (MSPS)
Dr Jessherin Sidhu
MCR No. M17451C
Dr Kevin Chua
MCR No. M10815D

Your Personal Concierge

Our approach to customer service is different. At Noah, you get paired with your own Concierge team – a dedicated team who can help answer questions and assist you with all things Noah.
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3 Steps to Better Health

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Answer Questions Discreetly

The tough questions are covered in the online evaluation, so your doctor has time to focus on the best treatment for you. 

Meet Your Doctor

A doctor will call you at a time that’s convenient for you to complete the consultation.

Delivery at $0

If prescribed, your meds will be delivered within 4 hours, at $0 delivery fee. At home, the office, or even your ‘special’ place. We got you.

Feel Good,
Do Good

We’re here to bring out the best in your health. And in you too. By sharing a portion of our earnings (from you!) with Samaritans of Singapore (SOS), we can give society a push towards doing more social good.
Do Some Good