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Everything You Need To Know About Male Hair Loss

Is There a Cure For Balding?

Editorial Team
Approximately 75% of men suffer from male pattern baldness, which is the most common form of hair loss in Singapore. Find out what you can do about it, before you start losing hair.

Male Hair Loss Guide: The Causes Of Hair Loss and Treatments Available In Singapore

Editorial Team
The ultimate guide to hair loss? We've done it. Read on for the types and causes of hair loss, how to recognise male pattern baldness, hair loss treatment in Singapore and finally the truth behind the myth of creatine and hair loss.

DHT and Male Pattern Balding 101: Causes, Treatments and Potential Side Effects

Editorial Team
You’ve begun to notice that you’ve been losing a significant amount of hair, it feels suspiciously thin when you run your hand through it and your hairline seems to be receding too! You start to worry.

Is My Itchy Scalp Causing Hair Loss And How Do I Treat It?

Editorial Team
In this article, we will be discussing the link between an itchy scalp and hair loss, the potential causes and the various treatments to help treat itchy scalp and hair loss.

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