Is Bystolic Causing Me Erectile Dysfunction Issues?
Erectile Dysfunction
August 19, 2023
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Is Bystolic Causing Me Erectile Dysfunction Issues?

Bystolic is usually prescribed for treating high blood pressure. However, there is a debate whether Bystolic causes ED or not. This article explains whether there is any positive or negative connection between Bystolic and ED with ample research evidence.

Erectile Dysfunction
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Erectile Dysfunction
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How Does Erection Normally Work?

In normal cases, sex arousal sends neuro signals from your brain to the penis region. That’s when nitric oxide stimulates the lining in the blood vessels (endothelial lining) and muscles of the penis to widen. Next, the blood will enter the penis and get trapped to achieve and maintain an erection.

How Does High Blood Pressure Negatively Affect Your Erection?

Usually, when your blood pressure rises, it will affect the blood vessels.

In this case, high blood pressure will reduce the blood flow into the penis region. Hence, achieving and maintaining an erection will become a huge challenge. This condition is called erectile dysfunction (ED) which could be an early warning sign of damaged blood vessels.

A 2014 review article showed that men with high blood pressure for a prolonged duration could probably have significant damage to the structure and function of penile arteries. Hence, treatment of high blood pressure is mandatory so that it may prevent further damage.

Does High Blood Pressure Medication Positively Or Negatively Impact Erectile Dysfunction?

The doctor will recommend beta-blockers if you have high blood pressure. Beta-blockers usually block the effect of adrenaline on tissues thereby reducing the blood pressure level.

However, a 2014 research study reported that beta-blockers may reduce blood flow to the penis region, making it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection.

Is It Possible To Treat Erectile Dysfunction While Managing High Blood Pressure?


A 2017 research study revealed that another beta-blocker named Bystolic (nebivolol) has a unique mode of action compared to other beta-blockers. Bystolic proves to be effective against erectile dysfunction while keeping your blood pressure level under control.

What Is The Role Of Bystolic?

A 2017 research study revealed that Bystolic has vasodilating properties which involve the release of nitric oxide followed by the dilation of penile blood vessels. Hence Bystolic does not worsen but improves erectile dysfunction.

Is It Safe To Take ED Medications (Viagra) With High Blood Pressure Medications (Bystolic)?

Doctors usually recommend Viagra (Sildenafil) and other oral PDE5 inhibitors to treat erectile dysfunction. These medications improve the flow of blood towards the penis region by blocking PDE5 enzymes in the walls of penile blood vessels.

Taking Viagra or other ED medications are safe and effective for people with high blood pressure. Still, it is important to consult the doctor before starting any ED medication. After evaluating your medical history, medications that you consume, and other factors, the doctor will recommend the best and the safest course of treatment for you.

Viagra might interact with some classes of cardiovascular medications which might lead to an unsafe decline in your blood pressure. Henceforth, you should inform the doctor about the medications that you usually consume without fail.

The Takeaway

In people with normal blood pressure, the use of high blood pressure medications might negatively affect the penile blood flow. Hence, make sure to determine that your blood pressure is high before consuming these high blood pressure medications.

In case you have only high blood pressure, you can usually take ED drugs. However, if you have any other health complications such as urinary tract issues or severe cardiovascular disease, you should consult the doctor where they can recommend the right prescription medications that have beneficial effects on ED.

However, different medicines have different half-lives. It may take several days or weeks for the medicine to leave your body. Hence, it might take time for your erection to return even after stopping the consumption of blood pressure medications.

If you get erectile dysfunction immediately after consuming the blood pressure medications, speak to the doctor.

Here at Noah, our doctors have the appropriate skills and experience to help you evaluate if high blood pressure is the cause of your erectile dysfunction problem. After hearing your personal concerns, they will recommend the right treatment or medications that suit your needs.

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