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Erectile Dysfunction
November 29, 2023
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Beetroot Benefits For Men: Can It Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

‍Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs if you have trouble in achieving and maintaining an erection during sexual activity. Can eating and drinking beets help improve erectile dysfunction? This article aims to find out if there is any scientific evidence that proves the beneficial effect of beets on treating erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction
Better Sex
Erectile Dysfunction
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Can The Consumption Of Beets Really Improve Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

To a certain degree, yes.

Regular consumption of beets can improve erectile dysfunction (ED) by performing the following three functions:

1. Promote Nitric Oxide Production

Beets are rich in nitrates. Hence, when you chew and eat beet, the bacteria present in your stomach converts the nitrate in beet into nitric oxide, which helps in dilating the blood vessels and improving circulation. There should be adequate pressure to keep the blood trapped while maintaining an erection. It is nitric oxide that helps to maintain that pressure. Hence, you will maintain a better erection for a prolonged period during sexual intercourse.

2. Increase In cGMP Secretion

Cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) helps to relax the arteries which might increase the blood flow to the penis region. A 2013 research study reported that nitrate-rich foods like beet might increase cGMP production in the body that could help men maintain the erection.

3. Reduce High Blood Pressure Level

Having high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction since it is difficult for blood to reach the penis to achieve an erection. A 2015 research study revealed that beets can successfully reduce blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure. In case you get erectile dysfunction because of high blood pressure, beet consumption can bring relief from ED symptoms.

How Much Is Too Much?

You can either eat beets or drink its juice. Consumption of beets in moderation is always safe. However, there is no recommended daily intake for beets.

Since beets are rich in sugar content, people with diabetes should be careful while consuming beets continuously. It is always better to check blood sugar levels at regular intervals.

Similarly, people with a history of urinary stones should consult the doctor before consuming beet regularly. It is the calcium oxalate that forms urinary stones in the kidneys. Since beet is rich in oxalates, it might contribute to the development of urinary stones. Your doctor can suggest an appropriate quantity of daily intake depending on your condition.

Of course, make sure to bring healthy changes in your diet and routine activities that may help prevent the development of erectile dysfunction.

Is It Safe To Take Viagra (Or Other ED Medications) While Consuming Beets?


Doctors usually recommend Viagra (Sildenafil) for treating erectile dysfunction since it blocks PDE5 enzymes in penile blood vessels and improves blood flow towards the penis region.

Make sure to inform your doctor about your beet consumption before starting any erectile dysfunction (ED) medications. After evaluating your medical history, regular medications, and other factors, the doctor will let you know whether it is safe to consume beets.

A Word From Noah

Regular consumption of beets can improve erectile dysfunction (ED) by promoting nitric oxide secretion, reducing high blood pressure, and increasing cGMP production.

However, talk to your doctor before starting beet consumption for ED treatment. Be sure to verify that beet consumption will not cross-interact with any of your regular medications.

Here at Noah, doctors on our platform have the appropriate skills and experience to evaluate what the best course of action to treat your erectile dysfunction problem.

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