Benzocaine vs Lidocaine for Premature Ejaculation (PE): Similarities and Differences

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Premature ejaculation, otherwise called PE, is a condition where ejaculation occurs within 1 to 3 minutes of sexual intercourse. Even if PE is not a cause for concern, it could be frustrating without allowing you to enjoy sex with full satisfaction.

The US-FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved two local anesthetics for ejaculation delay: lidocaine and benzocaine. Have you been wondering which one between these two could be the right choice for you to last longer in bed?

This article aims at explaining the differences between lidocaine and benzocaine. Before explaining the differences, let us first understand their mechanism of action.

How Can Lidocaine And Benzocaine Help With Premature Ejaculation?

Both Lidocaine and Benzocaine are similar with the same mode of action. When the penis gets sexually stimulated, the penile nerves send signals directly to the brain and spinal cord. After reaching a certain extent of stimulation, the ejaculation reflex will get triggered. Even the brain also plays a role in triggering ejaculation apart from sexual stimulation.

This is where lidocaine and benzocaine intervene! They desensitize the penis skin portion, thereby reducing or preventing stimulation as well as signaling. To perform this action, lidocaine and benzocaine prevent sodium from entering the nerve endings of the penis. Without sodium, the nerves cannot transmit the signals. This step, in turn, delays ejaculation, thereby increasing the duration of sexual intercourse.

A 2016 research study published in the Endodontology Journal reported that both lidocaine and benzocaine were equally effective.

The Prolong Spray

10% lidocaine spray to help you last longer.

What Is The Difference Between Lidocaine And Benzocaine?

Compared to benzocaine, lidocaine has a stronger anesthetic property that can last longer. 

The maximum permissible concentration level of Benzocaine products can be only between 3% and 7.5%, as per the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) guidelines. However, lidocaine products should be carefully regulated because of their potential toxicity in the event of an overdose.

There is no specific limit on the quantity of benzocaine. The effect of benzocaine is dependent on the quantity used. Lidocaine is available as sprays and gels/creams. It is not available in condom form due to its corrosive nature to latex which will lead to tearing or leaks. Only benzocaine is available as condoms, gels/creams, wipes, and sprays.

Lidocaine Products

Spray Each lidocaine spray emits around 10mg of lidocaine. For Noah's 10% Lidocaine Spray specifically, it is recommended that users stop after 3 sprays. Overuse of this spray will lead to toxicity due to the increase in lidocaine concentration in the blood. Hence, follow the instructions carefully, especially if you are using a condom.

Gels And Creams You need a doctor’s prescription to buy lidocaine gels and creams. Due to excess toxicity, lidocaine gels and creams are unavailable over the counter. Using nearly 300 mg of lidocaine has been proven to be toxic for males. Hence, follow proper regulations to prevent overuse followed by toxicity.

Benzocaine Products

Spray Like lidocaine, you can also use benzocaine spray along with a condom.

Gels And Creams Apply benzocaine cream or gel on the penis 15-20 minutes before sexual intercourse. It is possible to easily adjust the quantity of benzocaine gel or cream as per the requirement. Moreover, benzocaine gels or creams have a better effect than condoms for a prolonged duration. You can use them with or without a condom.

Condoms Benzocaine condom is easy to use. It can be worn like a regular condom. You will have to just apply it and wait for 5 minutes for numbness to take place. The disadvantage of a benzocaine condom is it is not as effective as other options containing more amount or concentration of medication. There are many other concentrated gels and creams available in the market that can help you stay longer in bed.

The Word From Noah

As mentioned already, lidocaine is more effective than benzocaine for premature ejaculation treatment. However, the effect of both these products varies from patient to patient.

Still wondering which product works better for you? It is recommend to speak to a doctor to learn more.

Here, at Noah, doctors on our platform are very skilled and experienced to recommend the best product for treating premature ejaculation. After evaluating your medical history, the severity of the condition, symptoms, medication details with 100% confidentiality, they will recommend the right product to get rid of premature ejaculation.


Articles featured on Noah are for informational purposes only and should not be constituted as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you have any medical questions or concerns, please talk to your healthcare provider. If you're looking for a healthcare provider, click here.


Garg A, Garg N, Kaur D, Sharma S, Tahun IA, Kumar R. Evaluation of efficacy of 2% lidocaine gel and 20% benzocaine gel for topical anesthesia. Endodontology 2016; 28:38-41 (Link)

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February 3, 2022

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