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Smoking Cessation

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Kick the habit, before it kicks you.
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What to expect from
Smoking Cessation
with us

100% Commitment

You’re not in this alone. You've got a team of doctors and your personal concierge to guide you through this journey.

Effective Meds

The prescription med activates receptors in the brain, blocking nicotine from attaching to them.

Convenience at $0

See the doctor from the comfort of home, and have your meds delivered to your door within 4 hours, at $0 delivery fee.

For Extended Lungevity

Every puff on a cigarette sees nicotine travelling to your lungs and bloodstream, eventually reaching your brain to release a pleasure chemical called dopamine. That’s what gets you hooked.
1 MG / 28 Tablets
The Starter Pack
Ø  Releases dopamine, blocks nicotine from brain receptors
Ø  Reduced cravings, reduced feelings of withdrawal
Ø  Cigarettes feel less enjoyable
Ø  Effective, clinically proven prescription medication
/box (w/GST)

You're in good hands

Dr. Kevin Chua
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Discreet Consultation
From your online evaluation, meds delivery, credit card bill statement, everything is done so discreetly, even your partner wouldn’t know.
GP: $200, Noah: $150
We can pass on our cost savings to you, through affordable prescription medication.
24/7 Patient Care Support
You have access to your very own care team who will help answer questions and assist you with all things Noah.
Ready to quit?

The Noah Guide to
Smoking Cessation

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Answer questions discreetly

It only takes 5mins to complete the online evaluation, leaving time for your doctor to focus on your treatment.

Speak to a Doctor

A doctor will review your evaluation and call you at a time that’s convenient to complete your consultation.
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Convenience at $0

If prescribed, your meds will be sent to you in a non-descript package within 4 hours at $0 delivery fee.

Frequently Asked

Am I a fit for the medication?

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Anyone is suitable for the smoking cessation medication, as long as you are focused and motivated in quitting.

Considered a safe medication, however if you are under the age of 18, are pregnant or breastfeeding, have severe kidney failure or certain mental health issues, do let the doctor know during your consult or when you complete the medical evaluation here.

Should I stop smoking when I start on the meds?

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Your journey to quitting begins before you start on the prescription medication. Pick a date you feel is comfortable for when you will stop smoking. Writing down reasons for quitting acts as a good reminder as to why you decided to stop in the first place.

Is taking the medication all I need to do to quit?

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Not at all! The pill helps in making the quit journey easier, but you will still need to stay motivated, as it is not a substitute for willpower.

Will it be dangerous to smoke while on the medication?

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There is no danger in smoking during the treatment period, however, continuing to smoke means you are less likely to successfully quit. Although not recommended, the pill can reduce the enjoyment of smoking a cigarette.

How long do I have to take the meds for?

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3 months. Here's what to expect:

Month 1: Withdrawal can improve as early as day 4, although in general, symptoms do not completely resolve for several weeks.

Month 2: For some, the withdrawal symptoms have passed, but studies show that continuing treatment for 7-12 weeks results in the best long-term success.

Month 3: After three months, some people may be smoke-free and ready to discontinue treatment. However, for those that feel they need further treatment, or may be at risk of returning to cigarettes, there is an option to potentially continue treatment through a renewal visit with your doctor.

Take your first step to Smoking Cessation

Answer questions discreetly
Consult with a licensed doctor
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